-Doulable Birth, because the birth you want is doulable!​​

What can you expect from me?


I'll explain your options

If you don't know your options, you haven't got any.

I'll explain how birth works

Giving birth is a process and every part of it makes sense when explained properly.

I'll explain how modern hospitals and OBs work

Giving birth in a hospital with an OB can be a wonderful experience if you come into it prepared and flexible.  It really helps to have someone on your side who understands the process, the procedures, the different roles (nurses and OBS), and whose job is to help you make connections with caregivers for a better experience.

I'll help you think through what you want and how to get it

We will form a team: your partner, you and I.  We'll go over what you want and discuss possible ways to get more of what you want in a hospital setting with changing caregiving staff.

I'll support your vision for birth

I'm here to support women in their choices and help them have their best experience.

I'll never make choices for you

I'll protect your choices and help you navigate shifting priorities during your birth to have your best outcome.